General Information

Following an open tender process on AusTender (Approach to Market reference 18ACMA148), the ACMA has selected the University of Tasmania—through its institute the Australian Maritime College (AMC)—to deliver amateur radio examinations, issue amateur certificates of proficiency and for related callsign management.

The ACMA thanks all organisations that expressed an interest in providing services, and also wishes to thank the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) for its provision of services over the term of the current Deed, which came to an end on 1 February 2019. After that time, an examination conducted by the WIA will not be an approved examination for the purposes of amateur qualifications and the WIA will not have the power to issue further certificates of proficiency under the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

The ACMA is working with the AMC to finalise a Deed for the delivery of services and will also need to make enabling instruments to support the AMC’s activities. Once the Deed is signed, the ACMA expects the AMC to progressively commence delivery of services from 25 February 2019.

While these arrangements are being made, the ACMA will consider any applications for certificates of proficiency. A certificate may be issued if the applicant has successfully sat an approved examination under the previous WIA arrangements. The ACMA will also consider any applications for licences related to those certificates of proficiency and will assign callsigns to those licences on issue. Enquiries should be sent to

ACMA Website.

Passing along details via Paul, VK5PAS:

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March 2019

Please, if you do intend to activate a park that weekend, drop me an email at……..!

I will add your intended activations to the activator spreadsheet. The spreadsheet (which can be found on the VK5 Parks website), will record all intended activations for the weekend.

Please note, that this year, only those who register, will receive an activator participation certificate. So, if you do intend to head out, please send me an email.


Paul VK5PAS.


Retiring from Active Service
(Neville) John Butler, VK5NX


At the December meeting of the North East Radio Club (of which John is a founding member) he announced that he was retiring from the Sunday morning Broadcast Relay roster. John has been a participant in the Sunday morning broadcast for many years beginning with driving to the Burley Griffen building to send out the news provided by a reel to reel tape recording and with segments added via cassette tape recordings. For a number of years he organised the roster of amateurs who were relaying the broadcast and call back on 20, 40 and 80 metres.
This was one of the many services John provided to both the amateur and the wider community. He was active in events such as the John Moyle Field Days and Remembrance Day Contests, providing radio communications for scouts and guides on JOTA weekends, assisting with communications for car rallies in the outback, as well as cycling events in the Flinders Ranges. John was a major supporter Of WICENSA, by participating in their many events but also constructing portable repeater equipment, which he often spent hours installing prior to events.
John was instrumental in encouraging many people to take up the hobby of amateur radio, helping them with the understanding of the theory and regulations, then sourcing and repairing equipment to keep them active and enjoying the hobby. For many years he served as a committee member for the North East Radio club and was the dedicated treasurer keeping the club’s finances in order.
The members of the club thank John and his wife, Heather, who accompanied him on many activities for their valuable service to the amateur radio community and to the wider community. John has done much to promote the hobby of amateur radio and his involvement will be greatly missed.