Well, another very informative and interesting presentation on digital radio and modes by our resident techo Brian VK5VI.  A great coverage of digital from the early days through packet radio, QAM, voice encoding etc. into the modern digital world today.  Thanks Brian for a great presentation and the preparation done to  put a very technical topic into something all those present could understand.  73s  Nig.

imageAnother enlightening and informative session on test equipment for the ham presented by Brian (VK5VI) at tonight’s (28/10/16) technical night. A stack of test equipment was also on show.

Who would know I can still use my old 27mhz SWR meter with a mod to test an antenna on the VHF band.  A great turn out again to this meeting and thanks Brian and all for attending.


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Tonights meeting (26/8/16) gave everyone a chance to practice their soldering skills with a great little project – building a 555 osillator.  A big thanks to VK5ATQ (Trevor) for putting this project together.  We had about 16 members make this board with lots of support from the experienced guys present.  Most managed to get their projects up and working.  Well done all and a big thanks to Trevor.  73s.