General Information

Paul is going to talk about the Kiwi SDR he has installed at Carey Gully.

Paul Hoffman VK5PH has recently set up at his qth a KIWI SDR site

It’s part of a terrific web based network world wide (set up by Clubs and individuals with antennas and equipment) receiving HAM RADIO TRAFFIC (AND SHORT WAVE) for usually good quality free listening

Paul will speak to us after call ins from 7.15 pm this Friday (many thanks Paul)

Power point  pictures and diagrams are available here.

We will be using Houghton Repeater 146.850 MHz

Our host for the evening will be Les Dicker VK5KLD

Please support Paul by checking in and tell your ham friends  as he has outlaid from  his own resources for  this terrific addition to the hobby

With respect to the Corona Virus pandemic, the NERC management committee has requested members and other interested parties note the following:

Regular Club Meetings – will be suspended until further notice. An on air meeting has been proposed and details will be shared as they are locked in.

Wednesday morning coffee club meeting (Corona Coffee Net) – is on the Houghton repeater VK5RHO 146.850 (-600 Khz offset) starting at 9.00 AM Wednesday morning. Make yourself a BIG cup of coffee, sit down at your favorite 2 metre radio and we will all chat.

At the 2019 Christmas celebration, Trevor Quick VK5ATQ was presented with a Lifetime Membership Award. Congratulations Trevor and thank you for all your years of service, support and encouragement to the ham radio community.

Rev Brenton Daulby VK5FBJD was the guest speaker for the evening who spoke well about peace and goodwill amongst many faiths that he had experienced and that ham radio appeared to espouse those traits and had many good people as members. He shared some funny stories of his journey from being a Police Officer and then Air Force Chaplain.

Photos by David Junkovic