General Information

The NERC AGM is being held on Friday 13th July, at the clubrooms.

Setup from 6PM, festivities commence at 6:30pm.

We will have a guest speaker providing an entertaining talk.

A reminder NERC is seeking nominations for various management committee positions.

Food and drinks provided on the night and members are asked to bring a salad or desert to share.  Soft drinks available to purchase, BYO alcohol

A $5.00 per person cover charge will cover the outgoings for the evening.

Look forward to seeing you there 🙂


Congratulations to a new member Tony VK5FBIC for obtaining his foundation licence, all the best and welcome to NERC
Graham VK5GW generously gave away a Yaesu hat, so some lucky person scored that.

Phil Stoor gave a presentation along with Rob a talk on a frequency generator

Rod VK5zrk

Gave a talk on a project, that Rod and a few other members have been putting together.

a frequency generator.


Phil Stoor  VK5SRP gave a presentation on Lighting strikes and what severe damage they can do.

Phil also went on to talk about the video space woman, who describes space weather, which can be very helpful to Ham radio operators.


Here is some more info courtesy of National Geographic on lightning



Committee members required !!! Hi to all members of  NERC, committee positions need to be filled Urgently.

We need at Least a President and a secretary, please put you hand/s up.

The club needs new members, if you have ideas to attract new members put your hands up, with suggestions, the club requires some younger people to take over  positions with great new ideas, and give the senior members a break, we thank them sincerely for all the work they have personally put into the club.


We need you

We need you, for president and secretary


Posted By Royce VK5FRWF.

Basic Antenna fundamentals – Beams

We were treated to a very informative night by Mike MC Quire vk5zc with his talk on Antenna fundamentals.

Accompanied by a well presented handout, Mike proceeded through his talk, regarding how Antennas work, with several videos explaining the theory.

Mike also had on display several Beams or Yagi’s he has built, handing one of them around, so members can view his work.