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  1. We certainly need members to visit this site more regularly, and to make comments and suggestions at club meetings, on how they would like to see the site used more. does this site link to media sites, such as Facebook, we need to activate those links, if they are not activated.
    Royce VK5FRWF

  2. Plaudits go to the designers of our excellent new website.

    A pity that it seems to be only a vehicle for one way communication & that members don’t find a need to use it as a vehicle for commentaries.

    In light of the current status quo I have removed my profile.

      • Stu,

        I tend to think it will not pick up as long as we have the alternative Yahoo facility albeit for miscellaneous comments, not necessarily related to club events.

        What the existing setup will show is what interest presentations generate amongst club members.

        If there is no online interest maybe it’s telling us something about the relevance of presentations.

  3. Why are all my posts being moderated? This seems to be very heavy handed.
    Can’t they just be eye balled & approved on the fly?
    Surely we can trust a small registered membership of 40 or so to do the right thing. It’s not like the site attracts global anonymous user attention.

    • They are eye balled and approved on the fly. The moderators work full time so ‘on the fly’ is not real time unfortunately. We don’t moderate but rather just approve. We tried an open comment arrangement but spent too much time dealing with spam. Yes..even our small club attracted significant spam.

    • Posts are always editable by the author. We did not consider being able to edit another contributors post to be appropriate, hence the ability to make comment. If you feel otherwise and have a good example of how this might improve the site then by all means send it through to the committee. All suggestions welcome.

          • Stu,

            I have no left hand side bar with an edit menu. Maybe its not working properly.
            Would it be worthwhile & more convenient to have a review/edit facility directly associated with the drafing process?

  4. There is provision on this site for a member to write up a profile. How is this profile accessible to other members, as it would be in a forum environments?

      • If you mean no one has taken up writing their profiles, I take your point.

        I guess then, I have wasted my time writing one.

        The age demographic of the club probably means that sharing their profile is not their style, as opposed to many of the general population, who do so on the WWW.

        Time will tell if it’s worth keeping at all.

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