Allen passed away on 19th December at 71 years of age. His memorial service was held today, 23 December and attended by Ben VK5BB, Nigel VK5NIG and Stuart VK5STU.

Allen will be remembered fondly for his commitment to others by way of mentoring and encouragement, as well as his good nature and positive outlook.


Talk topic will be on a 1:1Balun for a simple sloper antenna

We will use a short YouTube clip with helpful advice from Trevor Quick VK5ATQ. (Bring a balun to show.)

  • We will attempt to have a zoom meeting at the same time so that those that can’t make it physically can join in the talk and more importantly wish Les all the best.

The link for that meeting is below just click on it a few minutes before the meeting starts  7.30 PM and TOM ROBERTSON will let you in the “room”and, after saying Gday can you mute your sound to help the talk bit then join in the well-wishing WITH SOUND


Meeting ID: 276 246 8965

Passcode: NERC

If you don’t have a camera on your android or iphone tablet laptop or computer you can type in the chat side of things and can hear us (you can download zoom as an app on all modes but can just use the zoom web site if you chose… which should open up when you click the link



Tony Bell VK5UA Will host as tour guide a MIXED NERC night to the military vehicle museum at Edinburgh on 9 October 7 pm to 9 pm bring your own thermos cups and a biscuit or cake.

Cost would be $10 a head (STUDENTS FREE)

This will be our first mixed social night since Covid began and there is plenty of room (can hold over 700 under current guidelines) so it’s a great opportunity to fellowship with daylight saving in operation.

Tony (the curator of military radios there) will try out a military radio on 6m so it would be great if the few who can’t come can tune in and make a contact. Liaise on Houghton 146.850.

Bring spouses, family and friend’s is fine

A short meeting prior to the tour

Hope to see lots of familiar faces and new chums

The Corona coffee club Net will continue under the direction of Phil Storr VK5SRP 9am on Wednesdays. Please note the change in time. Still on the Houghton 2m repeater (146.850)

We are now welcome at the Tea Tree Gully library FROM NEXT WEEK with a 10am start. Please advise all your friends in Ham Radio. We need to keep the appropriate distances and only consume takeaway coffees and food from the cafe. Remember to wipe down afterwards and restack tables and chairs.

A quick reminder of our virtual on air meeting with Q&A session this Friday night, 25 Sept at 7.15 for 7.30 pm start with the topic of mobile transceivers, antennas and problem-solving stories.