Club Activity

Hello NERCs,

General Meeting and Tech Night 7:15 for 7:30

The get together is a bit open because an anticipated guest speaker is for October now.

A morse demonstration from Trevor VK5ATQ, it will be short so any other input is welcome of a tech nature.

NERC members Mick VK5MCH and myself Tom VK5TOM were guests of Ian VK5CZ at Clare to do some SOTA activations. Mick went with Hugh VK5NHG and I went with Ian it was a fun day of 4wding and hiking for many contacts made. We will be doing park activations tomorrow (Friday 11th) listen out for us on 7144.

Just a reminder of the Remembrance Day RD Contest this weekend Christopher VK5CL, Nigel VK5NIG and Stu VK5STU are at an air raid shelter using the club call sign VK5WOW on Saturday please keep an ear out and give a shout to them and others.

This weekend several NERC including Tony VK5FBIC, Allan VK5BEN, Ben VK3NEB and myself Tom VK5TOM will be at stationed at various checkpoints for the Walky 100 Car Rally starting at Eudunda. (An ACRM Gawler Barossa Coms group coordinating)

Our committee group have been invited together with other city and regional clubs to John Kent’s place (President of AHARS) Monday next for morning tea. The aim is to assist inter ham relations throughout clubs (and outside) and ways of holding a knowledge and information bank all can draw from. (Early days but my discussions with the Adelaide Presidents ((including WICEN) has been super positive).

Congratulations to Graham Kimber who has passed his full call exam. Well done He is waiting on his call sign confirmation. Please give him a stir when you see him at the club or coffee.

We are still looking for potential guest speakers and topics for tech nights if you have any ideas please contact the president Tony Green VK5FBIC, his contact can be found on the contacts page

73 44

The 2021 NERC Buy and Sell is on at St Agnes Community Centre 144 Smart Rd St Agnes.

Covid safe arrangements will be in place.

This year Nigel VK5NIG and Stuart VK5STU are operating as VK5WOW (A NERC Club callsign).  Details of the contest can be found here.

The location for the station will be the Sandy Creek Conservation Park (location here) and we will be setup adjacent to the car park, accessible via Barossa Valley Way.

We plan to attempt the full 24 hrs and will be staying (not camping) overnight.  If you wish to drop by or even get on air then you are more than welcome to come along.  We should be there from around mid afternoon Saturday.


Congratulations to a new member Tony VK5FBIC for obtaining his foundation licence, all the best and welcome to NERC
Graham VK5GW generously gave away a Yaesu hat, so some lucky person scored that.

Phil Stoor gave a presentation along with Rob a talk on a frequency generator

Rod VK5zrk

Gave a talk on a project, that Rod and a few other members have been putting together.

a frequency generator.


Phil Stoor  VK5SRP gave a presentation on Lighting strikes and what severe damage they can do.

Phil also went on to talk about the video space woman, who describes space weather, which can be very helpful to Ham radio operators.


Here is some more info courtesy of National Geographic on lightning