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Well, another very informative and interesting presentation on digital radio and modes by our resident techo Brian VK5VI.  A great coverage of digital from the early days through packet radio, QAM, voice encoding etc. into the modern digital world today.  Thanks Brian for a great presentation and the preparation done to  put a very technical topic into something all those present could understand.  73s  Nig.

Our resident culinary expert Les VK5KLD has been out about checking out possible venues again for the Fifth Friday Dinner for the NERC members and has come up with the following venue for the sumptuous evening meal:

Grand North Hotel
737 Grand Junction Road

Start time: 6.30pm

No need to book just turn up for an evening of good food and conversation!

Thanks again Les for organising this months get together.

Another informative and interesting presentation by Rob (VK5RC) on capacitor characteristics and tuning your radio to get the best possible reception from your rig.  Using YouTube videos and a Podcast, Rob also made good use of a webcam and his Icom 7300 to put the podcast audio into context.  Thanks again Rob and I am sure this was enjoyed by all those present.  The digital session scheduled for this meeting is to be presented at the next meeting on the 23rd June 2017.

YouTube and Podcast links spoken of can be found on the General Links page.

Don’t forget to listen out for Les (VK5KLD) to tell you where the 5th Friday dinner is being held this month, and of course the AGM is coming up on the 14th July 2017.

In August we are having a combined meeting with the Barossa Amateur Radio Club at their meeting venue so look out for news on that one.    73s.  Nig.

The NERC Annual General meeting will be held on 14 July 2017 at the NERC Clubrooms.

*NOTE  This meeting will commence at 6.30pm and partners are most welcome.

Interested in a position on the committee?  Please contact Rob or Brian to nominate.  We need you to ensure the club continues to grow and remain a voice in amateur radio for the north eastern suburbs.

$5 fee this meeting which includes Pizza, Chicken and chips.  Please bring along a salad or dessert to share.

There will be a keynote speaker for the evening which is guaranteed to be of interest to the group.

This AGM will commence at 6.30pm at the Modbury West Community Hall, Capulet Crescent, Modbury.

Everyone is invited to come and join the members of NERC at this general meeting whether you are new to radio or interested in learning more about this exciting hobby.

The presentation for this meeting is:

Social media on capacitors, characteristics and advanced receiver techniques.

Presented by:

Rob Culver (VK5RC)

Meetings commence at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start at the Modbury West Community Hall, Capulet Crescent, Modbury.

Well the WIA conference at Handorf is now over for another year, with many interstate visitors making their way home.  A great turnout by NERC members who attended many of the events on offer throughout the weekend.  This included the AGM, visits to the Birdwood Car Museum and many other activities that makes radio magic.  Many facets of our hobby was on show Sunday afternoon at the Handorf Oval including EME, STEM conducted by by Joe (VK3YSP) and Julie (VK3FOWL), a great ‘show and tell’ by Steve (VK5SFA) on magnetic loops and many other great presentations and displays.  The highlight of the afternoon was the HORUS balloon launch which went off after a few last minute checks by the AREG boys, with contacts being made through the parrot repeater payload to the VI5WIA special event callsign.  A great event and congratulations to the organising committee for making this a big success.

Even one of our own members became the official photographer capturing all the action at the oval on Sunday!  73s.  Nig.


Another very informative evening at the North East Radio Club technical meeting this month.  President Rob (VK5RC) gave us some great ideas on how we can use common ICs to control anything from voltage, logic and display, to frequency generation.  A good turn out again for this meeting with many going  away we some good information on ICs they can use for their radio projects.  I counted 8 different ICs instead of the advertised 7 and that didn’t count the 555 circuit printed on Robs ‘T’ shirt he wore to the meeting!   Thanks again Rob.

Amateur Radio Magazine – NERC showcase.

You had better make sure you get a copy of the May edition of Amateur Radio magazine published by the WIA.  Not only did some great photos taken by Stuart make it into a couple of pages inside to support NERCs involvement in STEM at the TTG Library, but one of these great shots made it to the very prestigious front cover of the mag!  Well done to everyone involved particularly NERC’s ace photographer (VK5STU) and a reminder for those that missed the event back in January, we are planning to do it all over again in the next school holidays so get involved.  73s.

Everyone is invited to come and join the members of NERC at this technical meeting. Whether you are new to radio, electronics or merely interested in this meetings presentation you are most welcome to attend.

The presentation for this meeting is:

Not 1, not 2, not 3 … but 7 things you can do with an IC.

Presented by:


Meetings commence at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start at the Modbury West Community Hall, Capulet Crescent, Modbury.

Who needs a projector and laptop to give a presentation?  Not our President!  Give him a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker and he’s on fire!   A very informative session on power supplies from discussing about regulated, switch mode, DC/AC and transformers to everything in between.  A great session and a big thanks to Rob (VK5RC) for this presentation.  Thanks also to Stuart (VK5STU) for summing up and providing some great power supplies for members to modify should they so desire.  73s and see you at the Christmas meeting on 9th December at 6.30pm at the club.  Nig.
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