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A big thanks to Brian, for another very interesting presentation on Digital radio, this is a follow up from our previous tech night, and there will be one more presentation on this subject.

The conversion of an analogue  voice patterns to digital, and what is require to do that with ADC circuitry

Members are reminded, next Friday 29th September is the clubs social night being the 4th Friday in the month,


North gate community sports club

Rowe avenue

North field 18:30 start.

Plenty of  parking available.

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With both Rob and Brian handling Tech night, it was full on with the oscilloscopes, including the vintage unit, with the soft yellow glowing eyes. Well done to both for a very entertaining evening.

Don’t forget we are looking for Committee members including President and Secretary, so if you would like to give either position a go, come forward and put your hand up.


Next Tech night,  the 25th August will be oscilloscopes.

If you have one, bring it along, and show us your skills. You might show a circuit working with one.

Digital oscilloscope

Digital oscilloscope

Analog oscilloscope

Analog oscilloscope, a video demonstration  from Dave of EEV blog, who always gives very interesting stuff, so come along and enjoy this one.

By Royce VK5FRWF

Talk on antenna design given by Paul Lawson VK5SL

Paul gave an in depth talk on antenna design, using a program called 4nec2
This program, allows you to type in all the measurements required, and them displays, how your antenna will work. Talk was enjoyed by all members, and note software is freeware, so members are encouraged to try this one out.

It started quiet, but the kids certainly made up for it in the end, I had plenty of participation with Morse Code again, I had my last group about 13:00, all very satisfied children, and parents I might add. Here is a few photos.


Following the vote carried at last nights meeting, It was decided to stay where we are currently meeting.

Murray spoke up about problems with both sound, that is being able to hear members up front giving their talks, and problems when images are displayed on the screen, I have answers to both issues.

I will trial my radio mike systems at the next club meeting, this will include a field mixer, which can handle up to four mikes, I will provide two mike systems, both of which are radio, one is a hand held microphone, and the second one will be a lapel microphone again a radio unit, probably worn by the presenter giving the talk, hand held by a quick guest speaker, like last night with Marcus VK5WTF and David VK5WP.

I will bring the necessary  mike cables to connect this equipment to the present powered speaker system.

This way the club can trial this, and then decide on what avenue we can take to purchase this type of equipment, I will add, I am quite happy to handle this side of the meeting,  A few hiccups on the way, but here is the first one, as I have already indicated to the club,  one of my big interests is video production and audio, obviously along with photography.