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Basic Antenna fundamentals – Beams

We were treated to a very informative night by Mike MC Quire vk5zc with his talk on Antenna fundamentals.

Accompanied by a well presented handout, Mike proceeded through his talk, regarding how Antennas work, with several videos explaining the theory.

Mike also had on display several Beams or Yagi’s he has built, handing one of them around, so members can view his work.


Rob vk5rc  has requested some information be put posted regarding the sinking of the Titanic, which is very interesting reading, plus some other links.

This was requested from Sarah Boyd whose son Alex is currently doing a communications technology project for his Tech class.
Well done Alex.

Here is one of the links:
Gaining your Foundation License

Price is $34.50 through WIA,  check with NERC club secretary, we usually have these in stock.

1) During the sinking of the Titanic , the radio officer called for help – which was mostly received and he (and radio) were responsible for saving many lives. Shortly following that event, the vital importance of radio was widely recognised and radios and radio operators became a vital member of ships’ crews.


Another vital importance that ameteur radio plays, is in times of disaster, even the NASA space station uses amature radio operators to keep the vital communications links open.

2) In Hurricane Katrina recently in the USA – for the first few days Amateur Radio was responsible for some of the early communications. The internet, optical fibre and or microwave links are relatively complex and fragile structures and readily fail in time of natural disasters. Amateur radio is quite robust.

3) Almost every Astronaut and Cosmonaut is a Amateur radio Operator.

4) The video protocol that was used to bring the signals from the Moon landing (Slow Scan TV) was developed by Amateur radio Operators for Amateur radio experiments in TV – NASA borrowed it.

Now some practicle info on Morse Code

And from logs record from the Titanic

Learning Morse code

And a way to visualize morse code.


A Foundation licence manual is produced by the Wireless Institute of Australia for $30
Today tonight ran this story on NASA Communications via hams

And check out this one.

What a hobby to be involved in.

As requested by Rob VK5RC Posted by Royce VK5FRWF

NERC topics 2018

Topic Presenter Contact via Date Completed
Regulations Peter Watts OK for 12th Jan. (Away Feb) 12/01/2018 12/01/18
FT8 Charlie VK5KDK 09/02/18
Fun Cube Peter Watts

UHF David Minchin VK5KK Phil Storr

Digital voice Ben VK5BB

Antennae Mike VK5ZC Les VK5KLD

Antenna Analyser John VK5COR EU1KY

Smith Chart Vidx3 Alan Wolfe (You tube) Rob VK5RC

First Aid ?”Dennis ?les

Equipment Review ? Stu

Telemetry ?Matt AREG

Show and Tell Everyone

Quiz/Pizza Nite

Volt-nuttery Rob VK5RC

Apps design Person suggested by Paul VK5PH or Sue Southcott AHARS

J Pole (20min talk) T Quick

2 Metre beam Phil Storr

FEB 9th FT8 Charlie
FEB23rd Smith Chart Rob
MAR 9th Mike macguire Antennae
MAR 23r ??John Ant Analyser
APR 13th