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Your local Amateur radio club can help you with that curiosity. If you live in Adelaide South Australia, come along to the

Introduce your self, and be welcomed in to the wonderful world of electronics and radio communications.

Here are some of the tools required to get you started with electronics.

Authors note: I will correct the orientation of photos.

A very simple and highly portable antenna can be supported by a Squid pole. These antennas consist of a long wire, spiraled up the squid  pole, and coupled to your portable radio, achieve extremely good results.

Here is footage courtesy of one of members Stu as he is known VK5STU with his daughter helping him.

Posted by Royce VK5FRWF

Happy New year to everyone.

Happy new year to all club members hopefully everyone enjoyed a Very good Christmas, and a very happy new year, I seen that part of it out on the Semaphore beach and the fireworks were crackers, pun intended.

Peter Watts will be the man on Friday Night, 12.01.18 giving a talk on Regulations, that we need to follow on air.