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  1. HI Brenton,
    Interesting comments. I will pass on to the committee to try and get some more presentations about actual radio operation procedures/ techniques. The survey did indicate a modest interest in technical articles esp on the “Tech Nights”.

    Regarding power supplies, I would be VERY careful about what you plug your expensive transceiver into, a lot of the “good value” power supply units, if they fail in one of the more common ways they can, a lot of power supplies will NOT fail in a “safe” way and take out your radio and possibly risk mains voltage onto the desk/transceiver. Part of this presentation will be to give people the knowledge and awareness to be able to recognise this issue.

    If your power supply was one that did not fail an a safe way, it is then possible to make a modest circuit (perhaps 8 components ~$30) that would protect your investment and you.

    Regarding information being presented that is not available on the internet, I am afraid we would be silent.

  2. Hi Brenton,
    I was planning to talk about general principles about power supplies, linear then switch mode techniques, voltage regulation then “higher level” features such as current limitation and crowbar circuits. These apply to both general and radio power supplies.

    You asked in an email about the survey of the membership, this was not able to be fully synthesised as many did not complete the form. Overall the main interest in the membership was “interesting Friday night presentations”. There are a few members with interests in the many various areas of Amateur radio but there was no outstanding areas.
    We are always on the lookout for good presentation topics and presenters so if you have one let the committee know.

    regards Rob Culver

    • Hi Rob,

      When or why would I need to know the principles of my radio power supply when I am operating my radio off the mains? It’s just there in the shack doing what it is supposed to do. It’s necessary, but ancillary to the main event (batteries are a different story!). And for that matter, why would I need to know how the circuit in my radio works. I just want to use it! With respect, I don’t think the mainstream membership would really care much about those technicalities. Interesting maybe,,,,,,,,,,,,, but probably not of much practical use, and anyhow the licence exams cover relevant theory, in depth. Most of us are more than happy to put the bare theory of exams behind us!

      Talking personally, practical tips & tricks for radio operation & the shack would be of more real value.

      These are meant to be constructive criticisms & not meant to denigrate from those who give of their time to make presentations & I realize how difficult it must be just to get someone who is prepared to give a presentation. Unfortunately, that difficulty can result in presentations that are the passionate ‘hobby horse’ of the speaker, but of dubious value to the audience.

      But let’s face it these people, who are often pressed into service on multiple occasions, are the heart beat of the club and without them we would be an empty shell & i salute them for their energy & dedication.

      Thank you for hearing me out.

  3. Further to my above post, the reason I am asking is so I can ascertain if the subject matter is relevant to my needs & whether I need to attend.

    Because notices of presentations in the past have been mainly cryptic in nature it has resulted in me coming along when I need not have, or it is information that I can easily acquire on the WWW.

    Hopefully, this one may be of interest to me.

    Thanks for your time.

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