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  1. and another thing chaps……………….why do we persist with ‘apologies’ at meetings.

    ‘Apologies’ is intended for participants in business meetings in the corporate world, not for people who normally warm their bums on seats as an audience.

    You might think this is knit picking but in reality it goes to the culture of the club. What sort of people give apologies. Well, my take on it is they believe they have special status & they will be missed. Does anybody care, except their soul mates? I’m sure the rest of us plebs, who don’t believe they have this special status won’t be missed and no one really cares if they are there or not.

    My view is that it is just another form of divisive class consciousness that detracts from inclusivity in the club. Just ask visitors to sign the book.

    I recommend we get rid of it.

  2. Further to and in support of my OP here, I notice the ‘About’ section of the site refers to VHF & UHF as our core interests, so why are we promoting VLF as something of interest to the general membership.

    Most members would not want or need to venture into this fairly esoteric area.

    We should remember that the club exists to promote mainstream interests not just issues of interest to the very experienced element of the club.

  3. Largely too technical to grasp, except for the very experienced members. Probably preaching to the converted!

    It would have been helpful for the rest of us (there are 10 foundation members at last count) if each piece of test equipment could have been introduced with one or two sentences telling us the practical reasons for their existence & usage.

    Consequently, I think there should at least be broad club guidelines for the approach employed by all speakers.

    The reason I was given for not doing so was time limitations. I don’t accept that answer. It would have taken no more than 20 seconds or so for each piece of equipment.
    I was told to bring a notebook & look them up on the internet. I considered that to be a fairly typical brush off.

    That bring me to the matter of the internet.

    By enlarge, the club should be very careful to not become redundant or elitist in not imparting meaningful help & information to ALL its members (those needs may vary, of course), and not only the inner core. I must say that the internet has a wealth of information & most of the time I can get meaningful answers to my questions, but mostly not at the club.

    So even though most of us are old and set in our ways, we should nevertheless have the intention to have open minds and to be inclusive to all members. There seem to be an underlying schism in the club, that at present militate against that happening.

    I write this as constructive criticism & hopefully it will be accepted as such. I am prepared to discuss the matter with any official of the club, at length if required, .

    Thank you for your time & consideration of my views.


    • Hi Brenton,

      Thanks very much for taking the time to leave such detailed feedback. I will ensure it is seen by the committee and that your suggestions are reviewed.



      • Hi Stuart,

        My feedback probably should have been posted elsewhere.

        Is there a repository for general views/comments unrelated to specific club events.

        I was actually looking for your contact address as site administrator to ask this question but couldn’t find it.

        • It is fine where it is. If you wanted to create a new post then that would have been fine also. The Contacts page (3rd from right across the top of the page) has contact details for the main office bearers on the committee. I will add a link for contacting the webmaster – thanks for point out that we done seem to have one!

          The only other place that gets a message to everyone is the Yahoo group (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/nercsa/info).

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