3 comments on “Presidents First Post

  1. HIi guys, can you upload photos to the posts section or do they go in the photo section? How do you do it ? I can’t see on a quick first look.
    Thanks, Rob

  2. Thanks Rob. Likewise It would be good to get some feedback if we use this 10 minute format say twice a year as I am sure other members would have some great topics to talk about. It’s also a great way to find out if there is interest in one or more of the sessions that could be expanded upon in future meetings. We would love some further comments guys if you login and leave a comment on this post. If you don’t have access drop Stuart – vk5stu@wia.org.au or me Nigel – vk5nig@wia.org.au an email and we will set you up. 73s all and great to see a good turnout tonight.

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