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VK5STU (Stuart) and I (Nigel VK5NIG) again went portable and on this occasion activated the Para Wirra Recreation Park WWFF1739 on 27th August 2016.  This is a lovely park close to home and only recently added to the parks award.  It is well worth the entry fee charged to get in.  We setup down the far end of the park near the north oval which is often used by the local guys for contests.  We set up an inverted V and endfed longwire between some high gum trees and worked a heap of stations.  Stuart managed to work a few pile ups on 40m and finished with the 44 contacts needed to qualify.  This is the first time he has achieved this feat so a great effort.  I am sure he would like some comments on this post!  Some photos below (more in the gallery) to inspire you all to get out and activate portable – we are always happy to show the ropes if anyone is interested.  73s and 44s!  Nig.



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Tonights meeting (26/8/16) gave everyone a chance to practice their soldering skills with a great little project – building a 555 osillator.  A big thanks to VK5ATQ (Trevor) for putting this project together.  We had about 16 members make this board with lots of support from the experienced guys present.  Most managed to get their projects up and working.  Well done all and a big thanks to Trevor.  73s.

Everyone is invited to come and join the members of NERC at this general meeting whether you are new to radio or interested in learning more about this exciting hobby.

The presenter for this meeting is:

Sergeant Derrick McManus

DM“I was a Sniper, Special Ops Diver and Counter-Terrorist Operative with the elite Special Tasks And Rescue (STAR) Group of the South Australian Police. I was a peak performer in a very demanding role.

During a high-risk arrest in 1994, I was shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds with a high-powered rifle. I was left lying on the ground, bleeding to death, for 3 hours before I was rescued. I was well aware of what happens to the body as it is drained of blood. I lost so much blood that I could monitor my organs closing down. My blood supply got so low that even my vision closed down and all I saw was a pristine white light.”

Read more of Derrick’s incredible story on his webstite at

Meetings commence at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start at the Modbury West Community Hall, Capulet Crescent, Modbury.

VK5STU gave a very informative and interesting presentation at tonight’s meeting on websites and web hosting servers etc.  Then on looking at the new website we found how easy it was to use and post messages.  The new site looks great.  Thanks again Stu.

image image image

Everyone is invited to come and join the members of NERC at this technical meeting. Whether you are new to radio, electronics or merely interested in this meetings presentation you are most welcome to attend.

The presentation for this meeting is:

Building a Simple Kit With 101 Useful Purposes

Presented by:

Trevor VK5ATQ

Please bring along soldering iron + solder, side cutters and other tools and safety equipment required to solder a very simple kit comprising of a single sided pcb and a couple of through hole components.  You may also want to bring a 9v battery to test your creation.

Meetings commence at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start at the Modbury West Community Hall, Capulet Crescent, Modbury.


For those members who like portable ops there have been 83 or so Recreation Parks  added to the WWFF program.  Paul VK5PAS has been working hard to get these included and this give us many more options.  I suspect the Mt Gawler Crawlers will need to check these out ASAP :).

Some of the local ones include Anstey Hill Recreation Park (VKFF-1683) and Para Wirra Recreation Park (VKFF-1739).